Whiz World

Whiz World Issues 1-4

Whiz World Issues 1-4

WHIZ WORLD is a quarterly publication, collaborative network, and evolving art machine. It highlights the lived experiences of women and non-binary artists with two driving principles: that each whiz is an expert in their lived experience, and play creates imaginative solutions to grave conflicts. We write from a speculative magical feminist perspective, use allegory and magical language to scrutinize our political climate and combat pervasive misogyny. We invite contributors to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. Whiz World practices a reverence for ecological entanglements and bodily experience. Whiz World was founded in 2017 by Annie Albagli, Gabbi Ncube, and Alex Arzt in Mendocino County, CA.

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Sierra Nevada College MFA-IA Summer Residency, Sagehen Creek Field Station, Truckee, CA, August 2019. Collaborators: Annie Albagli, Gabbi Ncube, Elena Yu with food by Lucas Casella
Over the course of two residencies on site at the SNC Holman Center studios, Annie Albagli and I created 12 concrete troughths to serve a meal from.
During the summer residency of the MFA students at the Research Station, we welcomed the SNC cohort with a 3 hour interactive performance and dinner, which included a script written by Annie, Gabbi, and myself, a place-based grounding by Kim Zitzow, pine resin tasting, a movement and sound workshop by Elena Yu, and an incantation/libation by Rachel Burgos and Niki Ford. The evening concluded with Whiz World’s customary collecting of personal tenets.

Whiz Confluxx at Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, CA, Summer 2019. With work by Annie Albagli, Elena Yu, Abbey Lee Sarver, Ann Schnake, The Bureau of Linguistical Reality, Gabbi Ncube, Kim Zitzow, Rachel Burgos, Niki Ford, Cara Benedetto.

LA Whiz Week and Release of Issue 4: HELLMOUTH at Ooga Booga, April 2019.
For Whiz World’s inaugural attendance at the LA Art Book Fair, we organized a Whiz Week, which included a dinner by Niki Ford hosted at Gabbi Ncube’s Peterson Ranch, a Hand Washing Ritual by Melissa Donaldson, a Hellmouth Amulet Making Station by Elena Yu, and a reading at Ooga Booga by Annie Albagli, Gabbi Ncube, and myself.

Dream Farm Commons Residency and Dinner, Oakland, CA, January 2019. Collaborators: Annie Albagli, Gabbi Ncube, Ann Schnake, Melissa Donaldson, Rachel Burgos, Nikki Ford, Kim Zitzow, with food by Bird Evans.
After a week-long residency at Dream Farm Commons, an art space in Downtown Oakland, we hosted a dinner based on a choreography and menu created by our contributors with the theme of Issue 3: BODIES. During the residency, Annie and I made the gallery into a concrete factory. Inspired by the concrete military structures at the Headlands, we created concrete bowls (or bowels) and dinnerware using sand from the Franciscan Complex.

Whiz World at High Desert Test Sites, Sky Village Swap Meet, Yucca Valley, May 2018. With Annie Albagli and Gabbi Ncube.

Whiz World at Sediment Gallery, Richmond, VA, April 2018. Collaborators: Annie Albagli, Gabbi Ncube, Paychecks Monthly, Kim Zitzow.
At Sediment, we held a release for Issue 2: THE ISLAND OF CALIFORNIA and installed a reading room in the gallery’s storefront. We hosted a reading of issue 2, fully clad in whiz wares by Paychecks Monthly (Roseanne Johnson and Devin Harclerode) and Richmond native Kim Zitzow prepared a place based grounding. During the events, videos by Gabbi Ncube were projected.