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A Magic Mountain


Named after the synonymous poem by Czeslaw Milosz, A Magic Mountain is a Risograph press run by Alex Arzt and is currently housed in her studio at The Headlands Center for the Arts. A Magic Mountain works with artists, writers, and organizations to provide design, material, production, and distribution support.

A Magic Mountain’s objective is to make the book-making and printing process accessible and feasible for artists and writers.

AMM is a 5 color press: black, blue, red, flourecent pink, and yellow.
AMM accepts commissions and offers Risograph workshops. Contact Alex for more information and tell a little bit about your project.
Logo design by Adam Zeek.

Projects by AMM:

WHIZ WORLD is a quarterly publication, collaborative network, and evolving art machine. It highlights the lived experiences of women artists with two driving principles: each artist is an expert in their lived experience, and play creates imaginative solutions to grave conflicts. We write from a speculative magical feminist perspective, use allegory and magical language to scrutinize our political climate and combat pervasive misogyny, and invite others to adopt and write from a whiz persona that encapsulates their essential power. Whiz World practices a reverence for ecological entanglements and bodily experience. We are committed to an expanding series of tenets that guide our ideology within the power and mystique of the whiz persona.

Whiz World, Issue 3: BODIES.
Fall 2018, 36 pages, Risograph printed in 5 colors, saddle stitched, half ledger.
Edited, designed, and printed by Queen Whiz, Furtips, and Ghost Whiz. Cover illustration by Primiteat.

The Positions and Situations Project is a series of 100 letter correspondences between artist Alex Arzt and individuals who placed classified ads in 1970s magazines published as resources for back-to-the-landers. Due to disillusionment with The Vietnam War and consumerism, the late-sixties through the mid-seventies saw one of the largest urban to rural migrations in American history. Letters, interviews, and photographs will be printed as three Riso-printed artist books that encompass first-hand stories of the back-to-the-landers.

The Positions and Situation Project, Volume 2: 1974-1975. Fall 2018, 190 pages, printed on a Riso EZ590U in 5 colors, 9.5 x 11.75 in, perfect bound, Cougar Natural Smooth paper, edition of 200.